Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

Great job

I agree that it was short but still it's much likely one of the best movies i've seen. Still a little short...


That was sweet. It was short, but it was sweet. You've drawn it all excellently. I love the character's expressions and her and the animal seem to have a good relationship.

Hope to see more from you !

Bland, but huge promise

I hope 'bland' doesn't put off the author too much, because if I didn't like it, chances are I wouldn't comment.

The animation style is superb; great expressions from the characters, and what seems to be a great muse.

/added to fav authors

More plz!

^_^ b


I was so sweet! I reminded me of me and my old dog King. He was such a good dog! Anyway I loved it! It was great! What more can I say?!?!

that was okay....

that was okay, the graphics were pretty good, and the sound was clear and not droned like most of the retards on this site does... This was pretty good, Short but sweet...