Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

Vivid and playful

This piece has such a peace with nature and companion feel to it. I really loved the relationship Pandora had with her dragon friend. It reminded me of a playful oversized puppy.

The direction and movements flowed well and kept me thinking about your to captivitating characters. I only wish you had continued more with these characters which you so well portrayed for us through gestures and movement.


for an animated movie to send chills up my spine because it's just so beutiful and perfect is unheard of.Like another writer said it's unusual for a flash here not to end up in some sort of voilence or sworsfight or sexual act.But as stated b4,...it's also refreshing.Thank you for allowing us to see this splendid work.

Etoli responds:

You are very encouraging. Thankyou. :]


I am defenently not surprised that this took you eight weeks to do. Although I was a little sad that it ended abruptly there, I'm glad that It wasn't a horror thing. Very good details, from even the way the dragon moved differd from the way Pandora moved. All in all I hope this makes it on front page. It probably won't because its a little short, but mabe Tom will let it. I know that its going to get a daily feature, and other awards. ;).

It's so beautiful.

I can't tell you how much I liked this. There are a lot of high-ranked animations out there that really blow the competition away, but the most hyper-kinetic and action-packed sometimes feel like the animation itself is bludgeoning you.

This, however, is the opposite. It's tender, beautifully done, and doesn't need any hyperactive junk to make it better. Promise to make more, and you'll be seeing solid 10's in your reviews.

(I gave you a 9 for it being a little short, but keep up the good work. You've got some talent here)


I didn't expect it to end there , or like that ,
But either way it was awesome !
Beautiful backgrounds and excellent sound =]