Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

This is going into my favorites

This flash made my day. Great graphics, animation smoth as silk, if only it was longer. This is high quality work.

not too bad

I liked the animation, and the music was fitting, but it was missing something. everything in the movie was building up for something to happen, but fizzled out when it ended and said "Play Again?"

It's called pandora's book, Pandora unleashed evil on the world with her box, what the hell did she have to do with this?

All in all had good animation, but you need to make a hook, I expect to see good things from you in the future

Etoli responds:

Yes. . .I hope to elaborate on their story eventually. There is more to their adventures, trust me. It just takes alot of time and energy to create it visually. <:]


So, you made this as some kind a class project?
Top marks to you then, aha.
Very well done, loved the smooth animation!
Very glad I got to see a submission well done today was loosing faith.


Graphics: brilliant drawings and animation
Style: great
Sound: Ewok Music!!!!!!
Violence:None but thats okay
Interactivity:Play buttton
Humor: Funny
Great Job


Holy shit, that was brilliant! Its almost(but not quite) as good as adam philips! The drawing was brilliant, the animation was smooth and the entire cartoon was heartwarming. To favorites with you!