Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

Great short! :)

If you enjoyed making this as I did watching, you sure must love drawing ^_^

I liked the movie, eventhough it was a bit short, if I may suggest something, I would work on the story a bit more in the next short in this series(?)

I hope it will become one now :P Anyway, keep it up :)


I think I remember this from DA... didnt it win a Daily dev?

Etoli responds:

Yes, this is in my DA gallery. It didn't get a DD, but it was in the daily favorites for a short while--that may be wher you saw it.


First off, wow. No tweens. Very impressive. I'm not surprised it took you eight weeks. That would be very hard to do.
I really enjoyed the tranquil, peacefulness of this animation. Most of the stuff on NG isn't very peaceful at all. (not that that's a bad thing, but a little change is good) I totally loved it. I hope (and expect) that this will be tomorrow's daily feature. Awesome job.

5/5, 10/10

oh, and the music also fit really nicely

Looked cool. i liked it.

i thought it looked awsome. pretty cool, hopefully you'll make some more.

Nice job.

That was a really nice job you did. The graphics were beautiful and it's a very refreshing piece. I was pretty short, but you must have been limited as you were so careful with the animation. I liked the SW music too. ;o) Not athat I'm biased of course...=p Well done, keep it up!