Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

What the hell was that?

Was your goal to make the most pointless movie ever? Success!

Besides having no interest and no rythm almost making you fall asleep watching it, even though its very short, the fbf isnt all that good either. The child seems to be walking on air, as if she has no weight, and sometimes doesnt seem to be walking at all. Although the drawings and colors were good, maybe you should team up with someone to write for you and tune up the animating skills

Etoli responds:

Pointless . . . hmmm. Are you familiar with visual storytelling? And for me this was a great way to play with the personalities of the two characters I've been developing for future stories. "What the hell was that" --- Well, it was me expressing myself artistically. I'm not making these to please the crowd--I'm imagining and learning.


like how smooth it was and i noticed some star wars music and its horrable that i can point that out