Reviews for "Pandora's Book"

very good

great style and atmosphere to it.



Graphics had this choppiness that didn't hinder the flow of motions and maintained very natural. A unique style. Nice.

For some reason, this reminds me of Minushi, except without the voice acting, which adds to the 'mysteriousness' or that unique style I get from this animation.


I found this flash very cool and um..cute. It was kinda funny how (Excuse my termanology) the dragon secretly has the book and plays with Pandora. Very good Flash


that was amazing, no words yet i understood everything so well. congrats on a great production

hey Etoli

nice job. i think the graphics deserve more than what the previous reviewer gave it. This is one of the best animations ive seen so far. Its even better because u used one of the hardest mediums in Flash to control. The brush tool is such an organic tool. the only problem with it is the huge # of vector points that causes lag. i didnt notice any lag at all.
awesome awesome.