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Reviews for "World Defense"


its the boringest game i have ever played sry but thats it ...
its too boring and it takes to long ... and i dont want to spend so much time for something like that..

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
Oh well, everyone likes other things! Maybe you like your own Flash...oh, well then you could always watch your favourite Flash...oh you didn't fill that in either. Well you could always listen to your favourite band...not filled in either. Well maybe your favourite movies. Arg! Even filling in forms is too boring for you?

it was fun while it lasted

The game was original

But it could've had a choice of the controls(moving with the arrow keys)

It's worth to look at

... Wow

Awesome. That is the most addictive game I have ever played. My only gripes are:
You need more upgrades(maybe a moon that orbits the planet, blocking some meteors)
The continue after game over feature seemed a little buggy (the "super ozon"'s damage was kept, and the level progress wasn't)

And the "super ozon" upgrade:
the upgrade was slightly helpful, but was over priced for what it was, and most of the time I felt like I played better without it. Maybe next time make it slow down the meteors, and make them smaller as they burn up in it.

Also, the buildings were... somewhat annoying. I often let the big buildings(the tower and armor studios) be destroyed so I wouldn't have the hassle of keeping meteors from hitting the giant things.

But, as much as I can criticize it, I LOVED this game. And I thought it was pretty creative with the controls. Definitly one of the best games on NG!


I cant stand that "MUSIC"!!! Its like someone with a blackboard and 10 inch long nails.... oooooohhhhhh.... my poor ears...... They hurt so bad... otherwise good game and interesting concept. BUT LOSE THE MUSIC. Please, my ears cant take it.

Not bad...pretty original

For a defense game, it's pretty new to the scene and well done. While there are a few mechanics that could've been improved- overall, it's a nice quality entry to the portal. A dynamic that could've improved was how the meteors striked. The craters /did/ look kind of boring when they hit...but in all honesty? very nice.