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Reviews for "World Defense"


It should be a globe...

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
We thought of making it a globe but we thought a pineapple would be cooler. Thanks.

Simply amazing

Ignore the retards who said this is shit in the reviews, there just fucking idiots.

The game was great, i like the good use of physics when the meteorites get closer to the earth and the way you made the earth to blur as it spun round. The concept is awesome and makes the game really addictive.

You should definately work on a sequel, but with more upgrades suck as artillery such as in games like defend the castle. The only way is up my friend.

Keep up the good work :D

Not THAT bad...

but still...let's just say its not the worse things I saw on NG,but still,this could have been a loooooooott better.But I watched and played worse flashes and games and i can say this was a nice try, very original at least.Try something different from defense games, NG could use your potential (and thats addressed to both of you).
By the way, to all reviewers, at least be polite, those guys put a big effort into creating this game, and most of you can't even animate.

regulargabs responds:

Thanks for the review and support :)


the game was pretty fun, w/the idea of moving the earth so the buildings dun get destroyed o.O cept after awhile the music got EXTREMELY annoying, so maybe you could add in a music selection :P that'd be great

pretty good

i like PX9 a lot but could u use some more unheardof audio next time. Px9 is over used. Other then there is nothing wrong with the flash its pretty good.