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Reviews for "World Defense"

good, but could be much better

i found the music to be pretty annoying, and didn't see the option to turn it off, if there was one. also could use more upgrades and variety for sure.

good game

this was an extremely good game but you need more variety and upgrades

nice game, but need more things

This game is simple fun, has good graphics, nice drawings etc.., but even though it gets harder everytime, it annoys you, its like doing the same movemente with the mouse for and hour, I actually quited at level 10, and im proud of. but good job


I love the idea of this game, it's really original. And fun to play!


i like this, the graphics etc were good, the sound i didnt pay too much attention too cos i muted it :P, but its real fun, that little challenge you said about at the guy who spoke that noob language gave me a good idea, make the biggest hole you can make :P, maybe a good idea for a next version, make challenges like to destroy your planat asap etc :), so far i got halfway into the planet at lvl 7 ^^, 5/5 from me