Reviews for "World Defense"

The music was shit! but...

The rest was wicked. Really enjoyed it, but the music made me quit. Just too repetative and anoying. Replace the music, or at least add a "music off" button somewhere. Appoligies if you already had one, but I couldn't find it.

Very impressive in all.


Man, this game is hard!

But it sure is fun and very original =D

Fun, and even original.

This is definately a fun defense game with it's original twist. I like it. The lack of weapons, the lack of death in general was interesting. Not something that many people would do or think of. I give it a huge thumbs up.


i played for a long time untill i overited my guy :(


this game is one of the best on newgrounds. the only thing that needs a little improvement are the controls. you shouldve made it so you could use the arrow keys too.