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Reviews for "World Defense"

very original

The game was very, interesting. It wasn't the greatest game but kills time when your bored. The music in the game was very repetetive and i couldn't stand listening to it for more than 10 minutes. But overall, its an okay game.

Ahh....glitch time :D -Cracks his knuckles-

Oh by the way the gameplay music is creepy so i put sound 5.


1.Play the game (Choose the first "empty name" fire) until you finally lose.

2.Send your score.

3.You re-appear in the main menu.

4.Choose New Game (Choose the same first file)

5.Put any name if you want.

6. When you start (skip the tutorial), the menu comes up for buying and the continue button keep clicking continue and it'll stop at the level you died on.
(Also: The level may be shorter and easier.


very original

i played to 10 and quit but that was pretty fun. Good job, very different.


Original gameplay.. a plus. Nice style aswell. Good effect of the HL2 grenade explosion sound

two things that sucked about it: the enhanced ozone layer.. Bloody useless and expensive, and sometimes the mouse lost it's hold.

It was fun

I really had a good time playing this game. Really like the fact that i quit at any time and pick up from where i left off.