Reviews for "World Defense"

Brilliant idea for this game.

You could catagorize this is as similar to the "Missile Command" games, but this is truely something unique and different. It is innivoative in the way that you can spin the earth around to avoid all the asteroids as they reach the earth (speeding up as they come close to the planet is a nice touch) and being able to upgrade after each stage.
It could do with a larger shop mode though, with more power-ups.

Pretty good

I liked it a lot, it's pretty fun. A couple problems though, theres less space on the bottom of the screen than the top, so it's harder to dodge low meteors. Also, the Super Ozone Layer always dissapears after the turn you bought it. This is especially annoying if you choose to rebuild it, as it dissapears anyway and you waste all those points.

They don't feel a thing on that planet

When you say that their world is moving a million times faster the rate of our world... thats completely false. there's no way in hell u could ever move ur hand fast enough to reach the speeds at which our world turns.

think of how BIG your city is, how BIG new york city is, how BIG the atlantic ocean is and how BIG the pacific ocean is. Think of how ENORMOUS all of europe, the middle east, and asia all are.... and now THINK.... The world is moving so fast, that all of that takes ONLY 24 hours to make a full turn.

good game btw


I wish I could pay a couple little green men 15 grand to repair the ozone layer... fun game all around, on the final level I finally accomplished my objective of digging a hole to china. I wonder how the people in those buildings feel with the earth revolving at a million times the normal rate... poor guys.

P.S. If your not too picky about your score, you can always destroy all but the smallest building, as it simplifies things dramatically. also, the ozone layer is ok, but not really worth the money...

Unique..But not that great.

It was a unique, creative game I will give you that but it wasn't anything I would say was breathtaking. The gameplay was that of a defense game but the twist about it was..the twist. You moved the planet around to avoid the meteors that came at the Planet. Pretty weird huh? The gameplay starts slow but already into the 2nd-3rd level you're moving that Planet of yours fast. Upgrades aren't really that useful in my opinion but..I wouldn't recommend any of them. I would change and add alot more upgrades in future games such as this. Pretty good game all in all though.

Recommendation: Mid-High

Thumb Rating: d('.')