Reviews for "World Defense"

Great at first...

It's good but when you get past level 10 you may get a little tired of it.

-Sound was great
-graphics were ok

So it's a good game and a good concept. maybe more power-ups would improve it though. 4/5

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
Graphics were OK? THANKS ALOT! lol, everyone an other taste I guess..


great game and great idea..
it seemed as if the game would never get hard...so i think u should have made the learning curve steeper
good sounds

its odd

but i like odd good job....but it gets boring after a wile


a litle borin but im not in 2 dis type of games.....


Decent, but won't occupy much of my time

A simple arcade game with easy to understand controls. Very little depth however, and there seems to be no benefit to striking the meteors in different places, or if there is, it isn't explained. The upgrades also cost points, which seems counterproductive.