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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


Dis is 'ow I see it meng, juu play starcraft, juu listen to metal (woot) and juu make good flash's!(flashes? w/e)

Answer me one question though, whats your favorite band and song?

P.S dont ask me why I wrote all of that in a mexican-esque way.


I've whatched all of the toofs and i gotta say, i love em!
Keep up the good work and hope you have plenty of icecream today!

The first one that was total crap

I'm sorry man, i've loved toof episodes 3 through 7, 1 and 2 were just blah but at least had some funny bits. This one just about put me to sleep, untill the explosion, which only the noise woke me up. Please, don't go back to the roots EVER again, the future is where it's at. And as a little motivation, since my pappy works for Mrs. Fields, I will give you 10 4 gallon tubs of ice cream, flavors of ur choosing, 15 boxes of brownies, of ur choosing, 10 boxes of cookies, once again of ur choosing, and maybe a few pretzels. But this is only if it meets my medicore standards of entertainment.

P.S. I can't garantee this fabulous prize even if meet the standards, so don't get ur hopes up...


ok it seems like everyone is just writing reviews with questions in them so they can be in your "Logo Replies" which i think is pretty cool. i might as well slap some freakin' questions on this review so i can just look like a normal reviewer.

1: who is your favorite toof? y?
2:what is your favorite drink with caffine that gets u going? (ex. coffee, red bull (yuck), or amp)
3:y the bat ball episode with were they useing a tooth pick for a bat?
4: whats ur favorite pizza? (kinda a lame question)
5: im running out of questions
6: what is...

ok im out of them so...keep up the good work! make more!

Kinda boring...

It's not that I don't like it, it's that I like the other ones more. This one was a bit odd, as it wouldn't be funny if you didn't listen VERY closely. I miss TooF croose, Solid TooF and the flashbacks. Just to point something out to everyone: TooF do sleep. Remember King TooF? Anyway, I think it would be cool if you could make the next one about like, movie making TeeF and watching TV. Maybe it was that I liked the last one better for the special characters, I dunno. But I liked the other ones better. Try to make the next few like the last 3. Me no like change.