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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


I think im in love with you. You make the best flash movies ever. Im serious I wanna make love too you, maybe while your making toof 9. Toof makes me so hawt! seks? k ty. j/p

I say...

HA HA.....this may have no importance what so ever...but the toof who lost the staring contest never said anything about the other one calling his mom ugly....could she really be? >.> <.<....


Keep on kickin that ass you kick so well


Even though this one has no special characters, it was still funny. I especially liked the explosion! I do have a few questions though.

1. How did you came up with the idea about making flash series about teeth?
2. Where did that TooF get that grenade from?
3. Did that TooF from episode 3 ever got to sell that chip that was stuck in his side for 40 bucks?
4. Was the medic from episode 7 gay?
5. Is the army coming back in one of the furute episodes?
6. How can you bake brownies in a mouth?
7. Why is everyone asking questions in their reviews?

TooF is one of my favorite flash series, so i hope there will be much more episodes. Keep up the good work, mon!


This was a great TooF episode, i particualrly like the "Picture of your mum" Joke, it made me crack up, along with the "Mud wrestling in a speedo" That has to be in the top 5 best moments in TooF!

And the "Stuff i could use to blackmail my friends" Pure genius!

I personally like the LogoReplies, very entertaining!!!!!

Keep up the good work, Get those dreads And keep eating the ice cream (Strawberry For the win ^^)

Many thanks

Don't be hard on yourself

Just because there are just 2 teeth talking doesn't mean its boring that was funny (mud wrestling legue and mom pix lol) Like this man. Explosions are fun too.