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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


I loved originality! Can't wait until next week.

I had an idea for another toof episode while I was watching: how about a toof gets chipped(dies) and the other Teef hold a funeral kind of thing. If it's a popular toof(liek maek 1 up), ou could have people like solid toof and toof cruise crying with eachother, instead of fighting eachother. But I'd stil want a bit of credit for the idea...

I Loved It!!!

This flash was very simple....but so awesome! I don't know how you really could have improved on this, it was just overall really funny, non stop laughing. Despite that it was short, it was still very good. I'm a big fan of your TooF series now, and I really look forward to each new episode. Since I saw that long list of questions in your Logo Replies section I thought Id ask some.

Question 1. Do you think you could ever use like a crazy cult or something like that in one of your episodes? Seems like you could get some good laughs out of something like that. Or possibly like....hazing from a fraternity in place of a cult? Bah, I dont know, just suggestions. (wasn't really a question I know, but who cares?)

Question 2. How are you so fucking awesome?

Please reply if you can! :)

P.S. I'd be honored to get your reply through Logo Replies in TooF 9, but I doubt that will happen. Either way, would still be cool!


yes ,toof 8, omg this was real funny especialy when he blew up the other toofs with a grenade (rofl)...i love your animation....um oh yeah!
only question:when r u going to put in the tounge or the ugvula like in toof 1???
i hope you make like 20 more toofs and that those priks who keep making stupid videos that make fun of toof just stop whinning and shove it

please respond


I realy think this a good series. Hey, you know what would be cool. If the toofairy came to visit them.

Very nice.

Simple & Funny
But I have a favor to ask you?
You tell me what you think of these comic I made
& I need a professional view
Go ot the form for the link (Toof 8)

Are going to have "Liquid Toof" at some point?
You rock,