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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Back to the basics

The staring contest, use to always do it in elementary school. I don’t know how a grenade just gets spit out of his mouth and blows away all the other teeth, but I really don’t care, that was awesome! Kind of slowed down in this episode though…

Not as good as Episode VII, but I guess it'll do..

Evil ninja turtles??? WTF?


BOOOOBBBBSSS!!!! ( . ) ( . ) ^^ gotta love the tit master ^^ god!!!! fuck yea!!! this review the review for toof 7 and the upcoming review for #9 are my 1st reviews without those fucktard braces i wore for 8 fucking years fuck yea!!!!!

i gave it 1 violence cause of the bomb!

THAT WAS AWSUM AND MAN THAT LAST BIT "this could make you forget stuff,like blackmailing your friends" "dude i still remember everything that happened that night" "DAM IT" that dam it put me to rest! actually it didnt, it stopped me from rest i waz laughin 24/7


That has got to be the best Solid Snake voice I have ever heard, other than David Hayter himself.