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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

mutant flying gerbal turtles

I got one question

what was up with the mudwrestleing in a speedo with other guys?

you deserve more ice cream


Nice...I liked it.

An idea though...

Maybe you could make a TooF: The Movie trailer. You know, show the person that has the TeeF. Also, like, show the facial expression on him when the whole middle of his mouth was blown up.

Sincerely, your #1 fan,


I started lugging over all my crap to my new place at toof 5... After I was finally finished I check on this series and theres a Toof 8 o-O I have some catching up to do...

btw I loved when you were all like "I dunno, Toof cruise has some pretty slick moves" and solid toof was all like "Fuck off -_-"

it was rad, keep up the good work


I love when that toof blows up all of the other toofs. Like you said in toof 5 your gonna keep cencoring the swears, i still know every swear they are saying.

TooF randomness!!!

I LOVE TOOF AND IT'S RANDOMNESS! TooF is funnily random... to where it makes sense... and the TooF guy with the bloodshot eyes looks like he just got done smokin the weed.... and he put a picture of someone on his eyelids? God that just hurts my eyes even THINKING about it >_<