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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

w00t :D :D :D

=] yippi, lol, great, all ways will be =D well done! bravo! oncour! :D, just some questions! i could SWEAR i know your voice from either, HABBOHUT, or FRAGFM :-/ do u do any of those 2? i could swear ive herd u on some sort of online radio, meh, will u ever do a Half Life Gorden freeman tooth? :D that be good, or, a nova game character :) i love ur solid snake tooth thingy, funni :D and the commentary's are kewl! are you a ice cream addict by any chance? hee hee, and mybe u should have a tooth having ICE CREAM then getting really cold and hurting! bite on a peice of really cold ice cream, and ull know what i mean :P good work anyway man *thumbs up* keep it up and keep all the chunky's laughing! mybe ull be a billi one day :P

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

This is a great series keep it up (infact if me met i would buy you alot of icecream) so i liked this episode because its was really funny and classite (I can't spell very well :(.) Any way i thought for the next episode you could do a zombie TooF thing that would be cool.one more thing fastaball.

great movie!

that was a good movie, as usual but i dont really like your "original TooF" u talked aboot in the comemtary, but who cares,
to sum it up overall nine, this flash is crunk, fo shizzle!

P.S. u won the TooF war agenst the stars, at least daily2oons did

Wheres the collection?

I think once you hit the 10th one you should start asking for a collection. Good Flash, as always, I'd say it went out with a bang but I would be corny... Anyways, an all around good flash, still the only original flash I have seen involving teeth... Good job as always. Can't but will wait for more, and a collection, so if it doesn't get frontpaged I will know when there is a new one.

nice liltle explosion

i missed 7 and 8 somehow man. but good as always