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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


Another one! As fun and well done as the others! Keep it up, I wanna see more from you! BTW does your preloader involve lots of AS or is it just an animation that moves randomly? (it's very cool!)

I say...

HA HA.....this may have no importance what so ever...but the toof who lost the staring contest never said anything about the other one calling his mom ugly....could she really be? >.> <.<....


Keep on kickin that ass you kick so well

This series is pretty good!

I've watched all your movies and i just want to say that i liked all of them for the most part. I like the witty dialog and the facail expressions of the caracters. I think that your movies are popular because they are funny and the art is creative, but simple too. I just think that your movies arent scored high because of your art, its because of you characters and witty dialog. I hope there are more to come =)


damn, these things just keep getting better and better....
I even tried to make a tooF wallpaper once, but your style is sooo damn hard to imitate. Just a question....have you ever thought of having a dentist TooF?

Can you believe it? Episode 8!

Again, this is one of my favorite flash series ever and anyone who hasn't seen at least one episode is missing out big time. Everything from the voices and animations to the story were great. I actually think this was one of the funniest episodes you've ever done, I could relate with the no sleep thing.

One question that comes to mind, when you were first making these and had the idea, did you expect it to ever get this big? Did you have any expectations going into this or did you never think about it?