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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

dont let thm get to u

hey man great flashes ive been watchin thm since the 1st toof there great do let these punk ass b!tches get to u there nobodies ur animations are funny theres are just cruel and hateful dont give up on toof its a great animation like wut your sellin off of your website funny stuff take it easy

Man I LOVE your work

you heard what I said there's always something small yet very impressive each episode But it's becoming a bit of a let down...I mean, no more action scenes

Still nice work I love it

man....this shit is funny

God Dammit your too damn funny for this world. Your sense Of humour is outragous( did i spell it right?) and i think you should look into really making this a show on the TV Box becasue man u missin out on something you could make the big bucks youve been looking for :D

Not As Good As The Last Few.

This was good but i think your loosing your touch.

An idea that i had that i thought would be cool is if you come up with this super awesome storyline thats really funny(i mean if you really worked on it) and instead of wasting the awesome humour on one 2 minute long-3 minute long TooF episode, turn it into a 10 minute long-14 minute long TooF movie. I think the fans would love that. And the good thing about it is that if regular episodes can be done in a day or two, then this could only take you a couple of weeks to a month to do it. You could make a couple of teasers and trailers for it to promote it: "Logo Presents, an epic TooF movie. Featuring Toofield(Hes the onlyone that can unF*k the situation), Toof Croose(uhh, am i supposed to say something), Solid Toof(im sorry i cant let you do that), The King(...Is someone baking brownies), The Cuban TeeF('Omg its the king), The FBI TeeF(Sir you will have to come with me), and MANY, MANY, MORE!

Somthing like that. Then you could release it and it would be badass, and... yeah...

Jus a suggestion(lol :P).

Anyway, Im out, Plz reply 2 me(Pllllleeeeeezzzzz), anyway, yeah.


Disappointing. :(

Hello, folks, and welcome to the BouncyTEM Review Show! starring BouncyTEM.

Here we have another flash to a series of Flashes called TooF. TooF 8 to be precise. However, Unlike the others, this one is quite a disappointment.

Graphics were quite superb. Decent framerates and animation. It's TooF, so the style was fine too. The sound was, as always, the best part of TooF. No Violence except for random Explosion. A little bit of interactivity but nothing drastic.

The disappointing part is the humor. Unlike others, there's nothing funny here. No Teh Funney! INFIDEL!!!! EAE BURN Joo000!!!!!! PRAISE ALLAH AND ISLAM!!!!! I WILL PROVE HOW PEACEFUL OUR RELIGION IS BY BLOWING UP A CITY!! BWAH!!! XP

Seriously now, there is NOTHING funny here. It gets boring very quickly and I had to wait until the commentary or Logo Replies to find something amusing. That's upsetting and disappointing.

Because this flash was boring to the point where I fell asleep {no joke!}...

6...out of 10.