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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

yeah dude! best series ever

Please Reply!
dude you rock!
Couple of questions for ya!

1.How do you do them voices? they rock to much.

2.how come we didn't see a fight scene since toof 5?

3.(last)you should do an episode with a celebrity toof like paris hilton or jessica simpson and they have a fight! LoL

Jinzo95 :D


*just for the record: I actually feel ashamed to review a flash this good, since I myself kinda suck at flash :)*

as always, a great episode!
Graphics: 10 - not much to say really, your graphics rock
Style: 9 - I like this kind of flashes, humorous talking with action ^^
Violence: 7 - alot of teeth blew up =P
Interactivity: 7 - Buttons. Working buttons. To your website, cool.
Humor: 9 - your humor is just awsome
10/10 & 5/5 for me!!


i like all of your toofs especially the just talking ones because its humor in its simplest form you know? i loved this one what with the mud wrestling in speedos hahaha, thats priceless.

keep up the good work man

Gerbel Turtles

Hey great flash as always I liked that you went back to the basics and I was wondering what gave you the main idea t ocreate Toof??? Please if you can answer this on the next logo replies thanks always
-kai 101


Well not much happened in this one, it was pretty plain but it was funny as ever. The mutant gerbil turtles? WTF O.o and the explosion was hillarious! Anyways, what's the point of bleeping the movie when you didn't bleap your responses? :P anyways keep 'em coming bro!