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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


that was one of the most simple toof's I have seen in awile but still very funny. I have to say that at first i found the eyes to be abit freaky, but once it was explained that it was a stairing contest I under stood.

Suggestion: Why not have a girl toof, a baby toof, or an old toof

Question: In the first toof the tonge and the other thing started to talk why dident you do this again?

fantastic job!!!!!!!!!

really liked this one.i will wait for toof nine!!!!!!!!!!

Really goood

I have a two questions though:

1.Will you ever actually have a womens/girls voice in toof? I've noticed all the character's are boys.(For example you could have an episode where the toof have a crush)

2.Why havent you ever featured a girl?(I think you get the hint by this point I like girls thats my big secret.)

I would appreciate it if you (For once) looked at my questions and tried (Trying is good enough) to answer them

Really great series keep it up :p


logo i love u

and your work its just so original cant wait for your next one. really tho i would have aimed the bomb at your man or your tooth so he will forget every thing for good ha ha ha ha ha


there was some funny crap and then there was stuff that was disturbing XD the explosion was awsome but he should have aimed it at his friend so he wouldnt remember........ever........again