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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Loving the series man

You are a god walking among mear mortals.

Im loving the series man.

Q1. Are you going to make a proer movie or just shorts for evey episode. Like it would be dead good to see like a longer episode of them going to the dentist and pulling out the king or somthink.

Q2. Do you have any plans for a different series or are you going make TooF until people get bored of it?

Q3. Have you ever mud wresled


Really goood

I have a two questions though:

1.Will you ever actually have a womens/girls voice in toof? I've noticed all the character's are boys.(For example you could have an episode where the toof have a crush)

2.Why havent you ever featured a girl?(I think you get the hint by this point I like girls thats my big secret.)

I would appreciate it if you (For once) looked at my questions and tried (Trying is good enough) to answer them

Really great series keep it up :p



This was not as good as the others..
And I understand why too.

I liked the logo Reply AND the commentary.
I hope more people review this so you can add more voices to the reviews.


Dayum, i love this series it really makes me laugh, although i have a few questions.

Do you care about all these TooF parodys being made, some offensive some not?

.2What colour is your hair?

3. This ones an idea not a question maybe you should add someone from the country talking in a country voice.

P.S: good luck with the rest of your series

one of the best series on ng

graphics:simplistic and clear there prety good but reused alot
style:unique and very good
sound:the sounds are good and i like them i realy like the sound at the end of number 7
violence:theres not realy any violence much
interactivity:play button yay!!
humor:very humorouse i realy like the part with the meat
keep up the good work yay