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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


mind blowing, i love your work and this is no exception. 10s all the way.

thers a picture of my mom!

dude.please.i love ur work.i need more. this one wuz awsome!please cont. to make more.

Wow :D

Logo I am a big fan of your work.... I have some ideas for episodes was just wondering if you were interested in any.... if NG has a mailing system or w/e drop me a line :P


I'm not a man of many words as the person above me, BUT I DO WORSHIP THOSE THEETH!

Pure Genius

Hey logo,
Ok first off The Flash series TooF, well simply, its awesome. A simple idea, a great show. Ive been watching TooF since the beginning and well I;m very impressed on how strangly origional the whole thing is. Its funny, Its Simple, its smooth, its talking teeth.
However the one think that pi**ses me off is the lamers that submit all these shody parodies meant to souly piss you off and ruin your name.
Ok first thing is, most of the paraodies always play on ur lyp sync and say its easy. if this is so why do 99% of TooF parodies NOT have lyp sync.
2nd the same 99% of TooF parodies complain about your voice acting skills, so why the F*CK do most parodies have a COMPUTER generated voice? I mean WTF?
3rd of all why does a parody of an episode come out 5days-3weeks after the making of TooF, even though most parodies claim it should only take 30mins? Yeah i know they may not have seen the show straight away but most claim they started it straight away or that they have followed the series.
4th: A lot of parodies say that your actual basic pictures are crap. Well theres only like 4 tooth parodies that dont have retard teeth drawn by a 6 year old.
5th: People say your jokes are ratarded and that your show sucks. SO why the hell do you have one of the most popular series on Newgrounds. With actual thousands of fans who check for a new TooF each week?
6th: (This is Targeted at SS) Have you seen the retarded pieces of crap SS put out there? NOt funny, badly drawn MOST DONT have lyp sync. ALl your TooF animations have scored between 3 and 5. Star sydicate say a 2 average? Most falling in the regions of 1.9 and 2.4

7th. Ok this bit really gets me. People say that you have no girlfriend, no job etc that your life is sad and poiuntless and you have nothing to do. Even if this WAS true, how pathetic do you have to be to then COPY the idea into a parody. If the origional is "pointless" why the hell would you make a WORSE CRAP version?

Overall TooF was a smple pure ghenious idea. Which people are annoyed beats there long thought out plan. Lesson? ideas come at all times trying to force them often presents the shite we see from SS. Something spontanious will get more reaction from something planned, people have less time to prepare.

Your serious continues to impress and will always be one of my favourites on NG. I know they werent affecting you anyway but fuck to the SS and other parody knobs. (I have to admit the parody where you do the final voice is worthy of the TooF title. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forwad till TooF 9. (I see SS have stolen the titles "TooF 9 and TooF 10.......twats"