Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"


Don't peel the skin off my ass or anything for this, but I SOMEWHAT agree with the pair (Or more? I don't know) who said your music sounds well similar all together. Now there are some significant differences between them all, but you could try working on originality. Try making a song that's like alot different from everything else.

Maybe I should be taking some of my own advice, but oh well...

Now, I'm going to forget all of your songs exist, and talk about just this one. Nice cut off effects. I love those. The bass is really nice. The drums are cool too. Oo! I love that little guitar sound too. This would be a nice song to dance too(if I could dance). I love how it goes quiet on some parts. I also like it how it kinda "dies off" at the end.

Sexcellent job.
P.S. Please don't go into an explosion of anger because of the criticism I made.

Oro responds:

Why would I do that? I must say I disagree with mindless banter from the inept, but critisism is what I actually want, so thank you. ( Even though you were kind of annoying with the anger thing ;) )

ya, whats up.

Um, as you remember, if you remeber... I make stuff on Fl Studio too. And ive been wondering.. What is that main instrument called? Did you buy it from the internet? It is the most coolest sounding thing ever, and I want to see what i could do with it. You know.
Well, im pretty suprised My song Heaven Angel Actually made it to the top five, were this also is! Thats so cool just to be in the top five with this awsome song, I dont know, it just makes me excited...
Well, this song rocks, I fell inlove with trance and stuff when i was like six, and out of all of the things that I have heard... this freakin rules.
If you could take your time to actually respond, please do so, and please include the name of that awsome main trance effect. It would be so kind. I love your stuff man... or mans.. Keep Dominating the world of trance...


Oh man.

That song rocks. XD I loved it. I don't really listen to Trance and all that, but this song is fun. I liked over all the clear melody and such, and it's entertaining to listen to for a long time.
If you could make a a bit more longer and better sounding, I think this song'll get even better =P

Love it =,)

you guys make me so proud

*tear of happyness*

Oro responds:

<3 ZT


There are so many tracks that have the same sound as this, so many times have I heard something similar to this, so many people make this kind of music and yet so many sheep carry on listening to and making this kinda thing. Music for 14 year olds. Utterly unoriginal, utterly devoid of emotion and completey lacking any talent apart from in the sense of arrangement, which isn't exactly hard to do in the genre of Trance. Come on, sort it out. Booooooooooooooooooring. Why not try to write something remotely individual.

Oro responds:

I laugh. A lot.

For those who haven't, check out "Amoeboy"'s track, "changing shapes" if you want a good laugh.

( PS: For an added humor bonus, re-read his review after listening :] )