Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"


rly gud track! oronapi rulz

Oro responds:


You are the sex.

You dog, you.

Oro responds:

Well, thanks :D


This was magical and it might have touched my........ heart. This is a good one! yayyyyyy

Oro responds:

Your HEART? Sure... sure

<3 :)

The Little Things

It sounds really nicely composed, and everything comes together well. Personally, it's a little synthy/Darudesque for my taste, but it's still good. Loved the bells in the middle, and i think some sort of less synthy channel, like a high guitar melody interspersed or something, would make it really jump out, and fill your ears. Simple but catchy drums. Also loved the part where it cuts out and just high synthstrings come in, and the end was pretty nice too. A good song, that would fit it on DDR with all the rest of the professionally mixed songs, and you've definitely got talent that grows by the day, even if the synth is a little much for me, personally.

<3 Stereo

Oro responds:

Could it be... no... it can't be...



Thank you, Stereo!
You're right about the guitar, that would have been solid... had I thought of it :p

I need to start showing you stuff when its still in beta :D


as I said at the forum...

I don't really like this genre of music, but for some reason, I just had to dance to it... it's crazy.
I like it a lot! and you should definately compose more stuff like this!

Oro responds:

Haha, woooooo. Well, I'm glad you liked it even though you don't like trance. That can only be a good sign. :]