Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"


very nice clear sound and a great beat!
deserves a 5...


It sounds alought like BOUNCE3 music but after 30 minutes of comparing his songs to this one....I have secided its not stolen. My advice is to make it more different, (how? u decide....) it still sounds good but to much like BOUNCE3's soungs. I give you am 7 total. And you can think of me as a ass but thats your mind set and i have no say in what you think.

Oro responds:

If BOUNC3 is the only source of trance you have ever had, then I can understand your "secision".

I am sorry that you- ([{have no idea what a dictionary is}]) -find this to be similar to other trance artists, but I thank you for the honest review.

Thanks for the 7.


that was exellent work right there


Oro responds:



Cool. Yes, this kinda did sound familiar. but that didnt stop it from being great. good work man!

Oro responds:

Yeah, thats what everybody has been saying o_O

I still don't understand why, though.

Thanks for the 10, lupin.


Not worthy of a teen dance party.

Oro responds:

I like how your whistle level clued me into your lack of judgement