Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"

Were myGlow sticks??

love the song, original, and comptly mind grabing, as it tkes you to the plae were we all g and dance,to,
just wish i had this on my staro, and rock my house.
love the beat, and the tempo, and the tansition at 40 seconds, to the dings, ith the backroun ambience.


All I can say is that I need some glowsticks and a fog machine right about now!

LOL J/K! But seriously...

This song is the pwnage, i mean- it PWNZ0RS! (the o was actually a 'zero' to exemplify l33tness)

Also i need to know what plugin you used to achieve the trance-like synths. might it be z3ta+? or is it Sytrus? I know you used FL, but the synth is awesome! NAILED IT!

Swing by my stuff if you want, give me a few pointers, blah blah blah...

i am amazed. i just have 1 word AOUSM


:D great job, man

You have a really good sound to this :) this is what I think.

Your sound quality is very good on here, I see no errors/bad sounding things in your samples. The synths are not groundbreaking, but there's something about them that I can't put my finger on... Its good though. :)

The arrangement of it is very nice, It all flows great. Your soft parts and loud parts transition perfectly, and you did a nice job equilizing it all. The song itself keeps its pulsing beat while maintaining an excellent melody. doododododododoo...and then you tie it up with the falling pitch/tempo. Nice. :)

You seem to have an excellent feel for music composition, it really shows. I look forward to hearing more of your stuff in the future. Keep up the good work!


Freakin sweet...have you tried....

have you tried makin it go public, like for windows media player? I would like having this thing on my xanga, but people cant hear ot on thier computer, could you try to do somethin? (this is a good thing for someone to say, sense they appreaciate your work. Its a way of showin it :-) )