Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"

great music!

I don't know what to say! This is good music!
Are you some kind of professional? But what programm you use to make your tracks? I really want to know.

Very nicely done.

Quite frankly, I think too many people are not appreciating the effort in this. It is so easy to say that someone copied something. Having a brain helps.

Techno is an extremely broad field, making something amazingly original is almost as impossible as making an original plot in a movie.

Judge the work, not the author.

Good work. Very nicely done.

I liked it

I really like this song, to bad I'm not a flash artist or I'd use it in something. Hell I'd find a movie to use it in.


As a fellow composer I have to say that the composition was good. not amazing but it was good. I would just try adding one part where maybe you switched keys, just to give some variety.

bit good job

Holy shit...

You rock...Keep making your master pieces...Plz...You rock...