Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"

Gret song in many aspects

Nice song man im new to your stuff and you got quite the talent brewing up here this song is a very catchy and amazing at the same time! Job well done and i just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to me and fans alike!

So keep it up and continue your dream man i believe in you :D

p.s. if ya wanna e-mail me its captcrunch1989@yahoo.com

Sincerely your good friend and devoted fan Capt.Crunch22


Really catchy tune there. Almost seems more techno than trance, but still a great tune. At the end, it's a little wierd with the fading out, but not too bad. Might just be me, but a little bass would sound cool. But a really really catchy tune. Every time I stop by in the audio I just have to listen to it at least once. =D Keep up the good work!

nice but...

this is very goob nut it sounds alot like BOUNC3 PoE, but it still is very good :)


the 1st time i hear this,its like..(uhmm..ok..farmiliar..) and then it gets better and better, it drives me to hear it everytime..atractive tunes,very cool indeed,this stands out in all ur songs,simple but special!!

not bad

though i heard many versions of this type of song this was good enough for me to review