Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"


Im horrible at makeing music, but I know a good song when I hear it. I listened to all your songs. And this is by far the best. There is only one part I dislike. Its the end. It would of been better if it faded out. Other than that, its nearly perfect

Oro responds:

Nobody is horrible, ( with the exception of amoeboy ) there is just always room to improve :]

Keep at it, man. Practice is all it takes.

Thanks for the review.

What that last review said...

Couldn't have been said any better. I feel this exact same way.

"There are so many tracks that have the same sound as this, so many times have I heard something similar to this, so many people make this kind of music and yet so many sheep carry on listening to and making this kinda thing. Music for 14 year olds. Utterly unoriginal, utterly devoid of emotion and completey lacking any talent apart from in the sense of arrangement, which isn't exactly hard to do in the genre of Trance. Come on, sort it out. Booooooooooooooooooring. Why not try to write something remotely individual."


Oro responds:

And the point of this review was... ?

To make your boyfriend happy?


It's a very familiar tune to me but dor that it's very well done ;)

keep it up!

Oro responds:

gahh. farmiliar <_<

haha, well, I didn't really try to make an elaborate melody, so I guess that might be the reason everybody has been saying it sounds farmiliar.

Thanks for the review, Dudidum.

Great work

Dont even listen to those mindles anoyng reviews!
Do what you can , well adleast i like it , and dont let Bounc3 fans rip of your true score !
My congrats on beeing #1 on the AP ! ( a rare shit tho)!
Come to my place some times!
Good luck !

Oro responds:

Yeah, I have no idea why that amoekid rode the ragetrain over here and dropped off all his buddies. Thats the first i've ever seen of him.

Thanks for the review, f3x1.


stolen from bounce 3 begginning ......its like a remix

Oro responds:

Wow. People with IQ's lower than 13 should not be allowed on the internet. You are a threat to my mental well being.

First off, I have no idea what "bounce 3 begginning" is, but I am sure that I haven't "stolen" anything from it.


What the hell are you talking about? Don't you mean B0UNC3? This doesn't sound like any B0UNC3 song as far as I'm concerned. Get your hearing fixed, pal.