Reviews for "Oro N' API - Second Awakening"

... here's youuurrr reviewwwwwww

... i'd yell at you for making me do this man, but your song really does kick ass so now i have nothing to say. :\ and now i'm addicted to it.

Oro responds:

Making you do this? You crazy woman.

Thanks shieh :]

this was good

this was pretty cool, but im fucking tired of this bassline, its way over used by ALOT of producers, this is the same as bounces paradise on e(xept for a little variaton) and bounces is from cascada lol, and i dont speak to cascada so i dont know where they are coming from, anyways, its a good osng, but im jut freakin tired of that bassline :P


thx for reviewing my song, yeah i need more power, but its a small loop, and well,i unno i didnt feel like givin git my all on a 24 second thing

Oro responds:

.. But thats the thing. If you're going to make a 24 second loop, you better make it a worthwhile 24 second loop. :P

Thanks for the review

Aural Sex

I could listen to this all day, but I guess I have to eat and sleep and wax my bikini line and shit

Oro responds:

Thanks buddy. Me love you long time :]


Holy crap!

THIS IS SO AMAZING! it cured my herpies, like MAGIC!!?!!@#$!

Oro responds:

Cured your herpies...?

Anytime :]

this is

this song is a party and i am a partier!

Oro responds:


Thank you, sir.