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Reviews for "-Created-"

Job accomplished

I felt inspired. It brought a smile of amusement with an applause of art, I give this top points for creativity and captivating the mind plus I like the cre a ted thing thought it was a muse, weither it was intentional or not.


that reminded me of spore, which i cannot wait until it comes out ^_^

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

yeah that game looks like its gonna be great.

You Are Real Good.

This movie was so stylish and beauuuutifuuulll!! Keep this good work coming please!

very good

how do you make animations

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

i squat and heave

A peek into the mind of the artist

I have no skkills in flash design, or animation but i know a thing or to about logic etc. Im not sure if I have caught on to a deeper thread but the symbols I saw from this flash show the creation of a cartoon from an inspiriation of every day life, one such as an injury. the birth and continuation of the idea, and of course, the hearlding and coronation of the original, for none is better than the first attempt. ((This is just speculation, only the artist and creator truly knows...))