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Reviews for "-Created-"

No violence or boobs >:(

Adding violence or boobs to this flash would have taken away the wonderful experience I had with this flash.

The graphics were superb. This competes with some of the stuff you could watch on cartoon shows. I think that you could have a future career in animating, unless you have one already, with the skill you have. The graphics had many styles, ranging from realistic to what to me seemed like Pacman ghosts. It reminded me a little bit of Disney's movie Fantasia.

The song was boring though. Maybe because I am so used to watching your Witch Doctor and Your Horoscope for today (which are amazingly addictive to watch by the way). But, this flash was more on the serious side, so I can understand the choices.

No violence, interactivity, or humor. When I usually see you on the BBS or watching your other flash, I usually laugh seeing your input on things. But this time, I kept a straight face on.

Overall, good serious flash, but I am so used to your other fast paced music videos. Still, great work and keep it up!
Grade: A

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

\o/ fantasia \o/

Pretty Good work

People underestimate the power of classy(or at least non-dirty work) Well done!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

NumaNuma6? What did you do with the other 5? WHAT DID YOU DO?

*shakes you* >:U