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Reviews for "-Created-"


I like the idea of capturing a creators imagination in a cartoon, and the artwork is pretty nice. The story is pretty solid, although short, and the music is decent. Perhaps I would chose a different piece of music, I don't feel like Mozart captured what You where trying to convey. The story line was about a fantastic and colorful place while the music had an ominous and dark undertone. If you could synch the music with the flash it would help the piece a great bit.


wow. This is all i can say due to the fact that i cannot put my thoughts about this flash into words. The music was beautiful and it suited the movie excellently and the graphics are some of the best around. This indeed should get into the ranks of the best flash movies ever. Well done.

oh ya

now that rox

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

teh roxx0rs?

Beutiful visuals!

I simply loved the choice of colours you picked in this animation.
And the fact that you showed the hand of the creator made it a little bit easier for us to understand what was going on.
Very nice work and i hope to see more!


That was a very nice flash. The animations went along beautifully with the classical music. Great job. :)