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Reviews for "-Created-"


It's so cool! I like the little creatures, they were cute. I like this flash. It was well animated, it had pretty music, and it had ...part of a plot, anyway.

Zekey, what the hell happened?

What the hell happened to you? You used to be cool and funny...

Now you're making "artistic" movies with Mozart in the background...

I guess you now know how good it feels to get front page and have a whole bunch of retarded mainstreamers give you nice reviews...

Well, it's a sign. Newgrounds's standerds are getting higher and higher, and soon, here will be no CC style movies. Only atristic movies and fovie that try to be funny, but all they have is good animation..

I'm going to go cry softly in the corner....

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

I was making artistic films LONG before this came along.

And I still make shit all the time as well.

Dont try to act like I've changed.


i think that was really nice...just really smooth and pretty...great job!

super cool!

i really liked this, was great music to a great flash....just super cool!


That was really fucked up..... I loved it!!!
trippy stuff dude