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Reviews for "-Created-"

I loved it

Great art, and a very nice concept. From the life of a creator to what he creates living. This flash has brilliant art, a nice concept and great music.

cute and funny

the characters are all really cut and the background music was good and fitting, and the graphics were really well drawn.

not too bad

it was weird in a non-antisocial way type thing.
very smooth and random (woo randomess)

nice animation -

Very smooth graphics, nice plot (such as can be achieved in a one - to - two minute animation) and, above all, i really liked your choice of music - mozart's Requiem is one of my favourite pieces, and Lacrimosa is the most intensely personal of the movements. In summation- Bravo! I'll be looking forward to your other work.


Well... it was good... but also very depressing.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds: