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Reviews for "-Created-"

The pinacle of animation.

That was really good. I'm a begginer at flash and now i know how good i have to be. That was really good

Neat experimental flash.

Nice flowing FBF animation work here, lots of that and beautiful colors moving with flowing and great animation. I'm sure you had fun creating this -Creation- as I call it instead of -Created-. This is a nice worked out masterpeice of a flash movie. Good job and I'm glad this got the front page and Daily first!

Very good flash buuuuut......

I can hear potheads all around the world saying to eachother "Dude! Check out this trippy cartoon! IT MAKES YOU HAPPY!"

anyways, very good flash, make more, it makes me happy.

its deep!

Seeing you flash I completelly understood you.... and cried...

You feel like God by creating crap

lol just kidding :)

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

rofl, thats quite accurate

looks good smells bad

k... i c that u`ve got the talent... but listen... the main idea, plot... was soooo borring... the graffics were ok the animation good... but...soo??? what? if its borring to watch....

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

speling gewd