Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Great Animation!

I think it's cool how you put this movie in Spanish. That is very unique. I also like how you added a game before the movie to play while the movie loads! Great job with lot's of new features! Keep up the good work!

Logo Presents, please stfu :)

Ok, here is the deal. You have a flash with AWSOME and COMPLETELY INNOVATIVE graphics, GREAT and HILLARIOUS spanish humor, with a complete set of original and creative 'un-cliched' characters, and you get as raw score 4.5? i think its FAIR.

Now, for this retard that rates a good piece into 0. Just because this movie is not an 8-bit sprite of a mario parody, or looks like one patethic madness parodies, or some really badly drawn ROTOSCOPED COLLAB, it means that you will give a ZERO for review score(and 0/5 as raw, i can tell). You said, 'good graphics...but boring blah blah blah'. Listen up dude, this is not like your stick or madness tributes. Just because you cant get more than 3/5 in you movies, it doesnt mean that this movie deserves a lower score.

Sorry, but I just hate authors who CANT STAND or admit THAT OTHERS ACHIEVED SOMETHING BETTER. Keicho out. Great job Julian, Iro y Rodrigus, como siempre se pasaron.

Toonimated responds:

Thank you very very much, some reviews simply shouldn't be done like um... the guy before Keicho

Fucking Brilliant

This is without a doubt one of the best Flashart ive seen on Newgrounds. i tip my hat to you sir, fucking brilliant!

Awesome idea.

Good thing you provided english subtitles for those too stupid to relate to Spanish language. Not to say that it's an insult or anything. In fact, I think it's a great flash movie. It has three essential parts: a plot, good graphics, and perfect sound. Nice job!

¡Qué fantastica!

Esta película es la mejor de todas las Flashes que miré! Las parodias son fantasticas come DBzeta y Metal Gear Solid. Había muchas voces increibles etc.

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