Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Completely Untouchable

That was spectacularly amazing! This was very well put together. I loved how you animated this movie, although I had to lower the quality to see the smoothness of the movie. The music with guitar soloing fit with the movie VERY well. I also like how the stroyline came out.

As for the humor, I laughed at the Star Wars scene when one of the crows pulled out a light saber, LOL. I also liked that scene where one of the crows were dressed like Solid Snake from Metal Gear Sold! The alling thing was funny too because my brother complained about that ALL the time when he played it back then.

Anyway, I love this movie. I hope to see the next epiode when you make it. And I look foreword to your other submissions when you finish them.
-Golden Fox-


Nice job guys! X3 What else can I say, that was really great and well animated.

Confusing...if anything

Well the plot wasnt really that clear, problably because it was in Spanish. Some of the Crow-Spoofs like the Solid Crow were good. I didnt think that radio thing that that guy keeps on calling solid crow with was funny. The graphics were amazing though. If you put some better humour, English, and a clearer plot, with that animation, i'd say you'd have one hell of a toon.


Dude, wtf is this? It's too long and the plot isn't clear. Plus why Spanish???

Very, very cool

Crow's life is becoming one of my favorite things to watch. Part one was awesome, but part two blew me away. I love all of the anime and video game references, especially the MGS stuff. Freaking hilarious.

Get part three here soon, please.