Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

great animation

umm... wow

u are a great animator and i would at least expect this to get in the front page if not #1 of the week...

Haha, nice start

Good DBZ parody. The rest of the movie was brilliant. Awesome FxF animating, brilliant art and spectacular dialogue.

Good job.


Pretty Good

The movie overall was good, obviously a lot of work went into it.

You expressed emotion quite well through music and sound. This is a daunting task to accomplish via animation, finding the right music & sound, fitting them perfectly within the movie; isn't exactly easy. The Spanish dubbing counterpart was also fitting with the movie.

I thought the plot of the movie was very well done. It was probably the second best part of your move following the sound+music. Although it seemed like you ran out of ideas once the Dragon Ball Z stuff was added... it was still overall a good job; although, that part kind of threw me off...

If this movie had a G rating and perhaps more professionalized animation, I would LOVE to see this as part of my saturday morning cartoon binge. Anyways, great job; keep up the great work.

PS: Whoever did your sounds+music is a genius. Good luck in the future.


Toonimated responds:

Thanks a lot for your review! I (Rodrigo) am glad that you liked my music. You can find more animations and music at our site =D

Animal Farm meets DBZ

Whats there not to like. I used to like DBZ and i Love crows so its an all around amazing combination. Even though im not spanish im glad to see some spanish flash's out there. If someone could just translate this i think it would be an amazing flash.

carajo con esto!!! o_o

Los graficos estan impresionantes, cada dibujo fue detallado hasta el mas minimo, los colores son llamativos y no son los clasicos colores chillones que derriten los ojos, las expresiones son tales como las mismas caricaturas que pasan por la television, las voces estivieron perfectas para cada personaje, el de Scar es perfecta. El sonido esta bien, y los efectos no existe palabras para mencionarlo, espero que sigan haciendo animaciones con la misma pasion y desempeño. Solo miren su primer flash y vean este, ¿que tanto han logrado? Espero que este flash sea un ejemplo para todos los flasheros, y no los clasicos que por ego dicen que es basura cuando ni saben como cambiar la musica de Event a Stream, o ni saben como agarrar el mouse.

atte. Dan_Dark
PD- que paso con la 2º animacion de Perdido en un sueño??? que le paso al Cayetano? lo despidieron del trabajo? xD