Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Yes, I love this cartoon! What happened to the first Crow's Life cartoon? I just love the unique designs of all these crows. You really gave them personalities. I like the voices too. I can't even understand them, but they're still very nice!

Stop making me feel bad for not remembering Spanish class! Even the plot's great. Would crows be smart enough to notice a scarecrow wasn't real? Well, I know very little about that stuff. The facial expressions are so strong.


togcrow and gokrow

Nice parodies!

Not only does this series have a unique and humorous life of its own, but I notice a number of parodies in here. The first is obviously DBZ, and the Star Wars and Metal Gear Solid homages are fairly evident as well. However, I really appreciated the slightly more subtle Yu Yu Hakusho reference to the younger Toguro brother. As a fan of the series, I picked that one up right away. The percentages, the shades, the trenchcoat, everything! HAHAHA! I love it! Keep this wonderful series going!


Better animation and a funny story. I like how he is the only one who has ever actually do anything to the scarecrow.

estuvo cabron

mano les quedo cabron especialmente la parte de Slodi Cuervo eso me mato