Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"


Very nice submission. It being in spanish seemed to make the crow crazier. The Solid Crow thing got old quickly, could have speeded that up a little bit. Overall, a well animated flash with good amounts of humor.

Lo Me Gusta!!! ( was that right?)

That was awesome.

Me gusta los cueros.

I suck at spanish....

Great Animation Overall

This is probably the best animation and sound effects that i have seen in a while. Great plot, great fight scenes, and funny commentary towards the end with the phone calls. Nice job on this one!!

Almost Perfect...

Let's see...we have a great concept, great voice acting, and fantastically expressive animation. All the ingredients for a great Flash--and I loved it--most of it.

Unfortunately, I felt like the overall experience was cheapened by the pop culture references (Teletubbies, Metal Gear, etc.) and more importantly by the over the top music queues. I must admit I am biased, because I find metal music to be silly, and this used a lot of it. But I think my own tastes aside, there was simply too much music. It was in and out of tunes so fast...and there wasn't really room to breath.

Such visual style though! Really I have my critiques, but all things aside I loved this. I only write reviews when I'm really moved by something.

Con madre

Chingonsisimos graficos. Pero neta que le "substancia" en la historia que cuentas como que esta forzada. Esta bien chingon el cortito este, esta a toda madre, pero como que lo que tiene de interesante es que tan bien hecha esta la animacion y lo visual en si. Pero ps esta cool el concepto :P
Lo que si, esta enorme el archivo, intentaste haciendolo avi or mpg? Quiza podria haber disminuido el tamaƱo del archivo.