Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

Not bad...for being in spanish

It wasn't half bad. I figured the time you have to make this before you get deported might be a factor of why no one in the video could speak english...and even translated rather bad into english in some parts. I noticed a lot of your characters...probably all of them were from either anime, video games or movies. None which are in spanish so its hard to take in these characters in that language and probably would of got a lot more comical appeal out of it if they were in english. That and its hard to decide whether your creative and being funny or not that creative using these characters and not having your own.

Probably the best part was when he gets kicked out for being a trader and he starts acting crazy. That parody was definetly from ren and stimpy...multiple episodes where ren starts going crazy, even the comment of his dirty feet where you show still screens of disgustingly detailed feet was part of it haha. Overal for a spanish flash its good enough to pass but would of been a 100x better in english.

Nice graphics

but, a little weird. BEERS AND HOT DOGS

Fantastic first movie with your new crew!

Very well done guys. I am wondering how many people are actually involved with Toonimated now. This whole movie was even more impressive than the previous Crows' Life installment. This could easily be the best submission the old Quimera has ever produced, realistically. Everything clearly had an amazing amount of effort put into it, this was most easily seen with the incredible visuals. This could indeed be the start to another very successful group. Here is my review.

The visuals were definitely my favourite aspect of this flash. They were just as good if not better than in the previous one. I guess to startm the backgrounds were very nicely done, with completely animated corn stalks for example, which were drawn as if they were in the foreground along with the characters. The colours were excellent as well, i have no complaints or anything here. The detail in everything else looked fantastic, i was amazed with some things. When you zoomed into a part of the crows' body the detail was intricate, these instances reminded me of Ren & Stimpy a little bit. The animation along with the multiple facial expressions were always great too. The style was awesome, but there were a few small things that maybe could have been done a little differently. The first of which is the animating style, which was great and seemed well refined, but just not too original. Also the basic idea of crows trying to take down a scarecrow type thing because they think he is real is a really interesting and creative idea. However in this episode i felt as though the writing could have been a little better and more organized in a way. But other than that the style was basically perfect. The characters were all varied and each one had nicely developped personalities. The sound was excellent too, i was close to giving it a perfect 10, but then i thought of how some pieces of music didnt quite fit in with the rest of the movie as they could. The voices were great, again all very unique and distinct from one another. Most pieces of music were really well used and the sound effects were quite good as well. The game at the beginning was a good little addition.

So Overall this was another fantastic movie by Quimera, even though you have joined up with some one else. I have a feeling you guys will be making many awesome flash in the near future. Try not to dissapoint!
-Standing Ovation 5/5



Muy bien si

Una ocpcion para quitar los subtitulos noe staria mal pero ya veo k la seria noe stava preparada apra llevarlos.

La verdad me gusta la musica pero hay momentos en que no pega con la escena creo yo.

Aunke la ida de olla del que se disfraza de espantapajaros... muy a cuento no viene XD nos e crei k iva a hacerlo mover entero..

da= me gusto lo de Toguro y Snake (unos de mis personajes subculturales favoritos ; ) )

buen trabajo :)