Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

The crows are back...

...and they are better than ever! They have same old enemy, but now there is one traitor in their gang...
Anyway, that was awesome flash, but it wasnt as good as episode 1 was, still this one was awesome too. I see you switched your name again, and your new name is cool, but I liked the Quimera more.
Anyway, keep doing your awesome work and hopely the episode 3 is coming.

Awesome job!

This is way better than alot of the stuff on this site. The art work is real nice and easy on the eyes. Keep up the good work.


well im not sure if you will understand what i am typing or not but that was some fucked up shit man. neat idea though but still fucked up. other then that well done and can you tell me some of the names of the songs that you used please.

Toonimated responds:

Yes I understand XD! And the songs are original stuff recorded by me (Rodrigo) so you can go to our web site and download them from the music section. THANKS!


Nuff said.

Crazy Crow!

That was really good! The graphics were top-notch, the animation and style was smooth, I obviously couldn't understand the talk, but i'm sure it would be good anyhow. =)

The start/intro definetly remined me of DragonBall Z mixed with PokeMon or One Piece, or some other cartoon anime. The Metal Gear Solid references were kinda weak, after all, there have been SO many CODEC references and jokes in other animations.

The mini-game at the preloader was a nice touch, but could have been more interactive - netherless, it was still a nice touch. After watching this, I sure am gonna look out for your future animations. Great work. =)