Reviews for "Crows' Life Episode 2"

I love the movie!!!!!!!!!!

plus i love crow's!!!!!!!!!!! best movie heck you know what all movies related to crow's are in my favorite!. i'm ghotic.

Very good.

It was amazing how much you worked in in that last minute or so.
Overall excellent, with amusing humor.

Dude that was totally incredible!

Dude that was totally incredible!
This should be on the top man! Awesome!

Very good!

I thought that this was an excellent movie, but the best part, IMO, was the Solid Snake reference (With me being a MGS fan and all). Story was excellent, graphics were great, violence was good. Whats not to love?

There is no need...

For this or any flash to be 10 megs. Not very funny or interesting, but fairly nice looking throughout. Pretty boring, though. I'm sure this thing will have an extraordinary score, but it doesn't deserve more than a 4.10 or something.

Toonimated responds:

The flash is 10 mbs for it has lots of fbf, you could say there were almost no reused symbols therefore, filesize grows; thanks for the comment