Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Nice work Wonchop

Very nice. I saw the 1st on Sheezy Art. I don't know how you do the colour and style but you pull it off very well. Hope to see more of my favorte BunnyCat. (Yes I have my own but he got lost. Probably behind the sofa)

PS. Yea my spelling sucks

Wonchop responds:

Heh, it's all about playing with line/pencil tools.

It was good

Not quite as good as your others, but I got to say that flash 8 thing was great. Haha, cause everyone will pay what? 600-800 dollars for it. Sure we all got it legially. >.> Thats the part I really liked.

Wonchop responds:


Not bad.

I liked this. your graphic quality is good. and the way you include a little lesson in each of your flashes is pretty cool too. Good job. keep it up. I like Chocolate icecream too ^.^

Wonchop responds:


Someone needs his ritalin =D

Damn spazzingley Evil ninja D= stealing ice cream from poor litlle bunny cats these days , i wanna bet Ninja's work at Mc.Donalds and use AOL. *gasp*
Poor little bunnycat , though the Ninja was smart =D , he didnt say "your mom" ... mya ...... O_o ....... i'm begining to doubt about who's evil ...
*hides from Bunnycat*

Wonchop responds:

I need to know what that actually does

wow so funny

man that was funny!
i wish all bunnies(and maybe cats) can talk and act like bunnycat.