Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

nice work

It was a nice flash i think it will get through and be saved at least i help with that. Hope to see more from you and (bunnycat).

Wonchop responds:

hehe yeah

No way, ninjas are cool :D

The moral should be: if you want ice cream you better learn how to fight.

Wonchop responds:

but that's not as funny :(


Bunnycat is cute! His voice is too. He likes chocolate ice cream! The graphics were really good as usual........ and I like that Bunnycat stories come with a Moral! Go Bunnycat! Teaching kids stuff! And of course helping out the community.
(p.s. I didn't like the first one........ a rape scene? GOSH! There are some evil bunnies out there. Don't worry about my cats, I'm on guard!)

Wonchop responds:



That was cute it reminded me of a video game character :) please make more episodes!

Wonchop responds:

heh, we'll see


That was funny! I love it when tough people say "You win THIS round, but I'll be back" when they didn't even try that hard:)

Wonchop responds:

He never said he would be back. Allows for surprise, y'see