Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"


the music and voices are funny but it was too short

Wonchop responds:

Meh, I'm not one to make stuff that's too long. Else I get bored and I never finish it.


cuteness!!!! omg!!!!! hehe!!!

this doesnt help in ne way.... just to fortell u (and i dont care if fortell is a word!!!!)

Wonchop responds:


Pretty Good, Wonnie...

But I still think the first one was better. But, this was a very close second in likeness. I think I know something that's going on my favourite list. ^_^ Keep up the good work, and I'd like to see more Bunnycat's very soon. Peace.

Wonchop responds:


Awesome, but...

i cant get tht song out of my head...

Bunnycat, Bunnycat hes just a little Bunnycat!

I loved it.

I loved this second episode of your "Bunnycat" series,it was longer and had many more characters with some very nice designs too i especially loved the ninja,this had a very cute theme to it and i hope to see more episodes of "Bunnycat" in the near future. =)